How to Ensure Quick Turnaround Time for Quotes and Policies

  1.  It is critical to submit a completed ACORD application and COPE information. A completed ACORD application helps speed up turnaround times for quote and policy issuance. Please complete the ACORD application. 
  2. Please submit 5 years of loss runs with the completed application.
  3. Please fill out the Statement of Values form.  Download the Statement of Values form.  This allows Mutual Underwriters to reduce turnaround time by uploading the SOV information into our system. 

    1. The items in yellow on the template are mandatory fields that you need to complete. When completing the description of risk field please indicate if the risk is a condo, apartment, retail warehouse, or mix use. 

  4. If you request Guaranteed Replacement Coverage, please attach an appraisal that has been completed in the last two years in order to validate the insurance to value (ITV).  We need this information as inflation has significantly impacted both material and labor costs in the last two years.
  5. Please provide us a target premium so we can do a competitive analysis on our side.  If you do not have a target premium you can submit the expiring premium.