Mutual Underwriters: Your Boardroom Advisor

Mutual Underwriters provides mutual clients with services for board and executive support, planning, and success to help strengthen a brand and ensure that a company and all its departments are aligned towards its strategic goals. Our areas of expertise span advisory boards, board composition and compensation, board effectiveness and assessment, director recruitment and onboarding, governance best practices, and leadership succession and development.

We provide company boards with business strategies to help them navigate and plan for positive outcomes. We can assist you with succession planning and developing a plan so that the board continues to operate effectively even when a board member or executive unexpectedly leaves. As part of our services, we can help identify potential members if you are interested in seeking educated board members with expertise aligned with your value proposition.

We actively look to identify executives looking for board positions to create a panel of executives as opportunities present themselves. Recently retired from the industry? Please contact us with your details and we can work to match you with our partners when the need arises.

Clients turn to us for our significant board experience and our focused capabilities in the mutual community.

A Seat on the Board

On the Path to Our Mutual Success

Mutual Underwriters has extensive executive experience in both the mutual and alternative risk communities. We bring to the table our knowledge, market relationships, and technology savvy in helping others expand their books of business and shape a profitable future. We invite you to find out how we can assist you. Give us a call at 317.552.1189.