There are many different types of reinsurance. Current market conditions have created uncertainty and market chaos in the reinsurance community. Reinsurance buyers are looking for solutions to rising prices. It is important for buyers to look at alternatives.

MGA/Specialty Niche programs have grown exponentially in today insurance world. Mutual Underwriters has in-house expertise to help craft products for targeted niches and the capacity to support the risk with our reinsurance operations. We can develop programs across a broad spectrum of niche products. As a vertically integrated insurance operation, we have the ability to provide multiple lines of coverage for each program, including personal and commercial insurance and niche liability programs.

In addition to building programs from the ground up, we have also created a series of prebuilt products to support partner initiatives. These programs can be deployed inclusive of underwriting support, technology, and reinsurance to allow your company to quickly deploy new products to leverage your distribution.  We are continually adding to the product mix to provide more products to our partners. 

Be sure to ask us about the products currently under development.