Equipment Breakdown Insurance 

What is equipment breakdown insurance? 

Equipment breakdown is an an essential type of insurance that can cover replacement or repair to critical equipment and business property upon which you rely to operate your home and/or office. When considering vital coverages you should have equipment breakdown insurance at the top of the list. How comfortable would your home be if you were to lose air conditioning during the dog days of summer?  What if you suffered from a loss of electricity due to an electrical failure?  These are examples of events addressed under equipment breakdown coverage. 

How does it work?  

Equipment breakdown can be a stand-alone product or you can add it by endorsement to your property policy.  Offering equipment breakdown to your clients can be a great way to fill gaps in traditional property coverages. reduce their exposures.  

Commercial coverage focusses on vital equipment such as electrical apparatus, cooling systems, and water heating systems.  The coverage can be tailored from industrial buildings and parks to main street businesses.  

Personal coverage protects critical equipment exposures of the home. For primary residents’ equipment breakdown usually covers appliances, water heaters and water softeners.  

Is it the right path for you?  

Anyone that relies on equipment has an equipment breakdown exposure.  Don’t get caught in the sweltering heat of summer without coverage when your air conditioning systems go down or in the freezing cold of winter when your furnace suffers from electrical arcing.  

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