Who We Are

Mutual Underwriters is an insurance administrative services company and reinsurance MGU. Mutual Underwriters has a collaborative business model that is focused on helping mutual insurance companies be more profitable in their operations. We provide reinsurance solutions, operational services, claims support and consultative services. Our goal is to help our client organizations modernize and thrive.

We specialize in: 

Mission Statement

Mutual Underwriters mission is to: 

  • Support the business continuity of the mutual insurance community through advocacy and innovation designed to achieve better operational results.
  • Underwrite profitable insurance business for property and casualty insurers and reinsurers utilizing an MGA /MGU model.

Vision Statement

Mutual Underwriters vision is to develop a property and casualty insurance enterprise through the provision of operating services, technology, and reinsurance/capital to the market.

Core Values

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FAQ Answers

Let’s start with your most recent annual statement.  We can provide a quick assessment of interest based on most recent results and five-year history included in most statements. For more information, contact info@mutualuw.com

Quota share is a pro-rata reinsurance model. The reinsurer and insurer share the premium and losses based on a fixed percentage. For more information, please contact info@mutualuw.com

Mutual Underwriters works with brokers on a case by case basis. For more information, please contact us at info@mutualuw.com

We primarily work with mutuals writing home, farm, small commercial and dwelling fire business.   We also have a “bundle” of out of the box products we can deploy in support of the core products. For more information, contact info@mutualuw.com

Yes, we can help build new programs from the ground up. Our creative team is equipped to develop profitable new niches to cater to your needs. For more information, please contact info@mutualuw.com