Who Is Mutual Underwriters?

Who is Mutual Underwriters?

Mutual Underwriters is a reinsurance MGU and administrative services company supporting reinsurance and/or operations with a primary focus on working with mutual insurance companies.  We are operated by former mutual managers and executives.

Reinsurance MGU, what does this mean?

We have full underwriting authority to issue contracts of reinsurance on behalf of our partners.   We are the underwriters and do not “broker” business to other reinsurers and underwriters.  We have full decision-making authority to issue contracts of reinsurance.

What type of reinsurance do you underwrite?

We focus on delivering quota share solutions to smaller mutuals to protect their balance sheet.   We issue quote share reinsurance contracts from as low as 50% quota share to as high as 100% quota share.

What is quota share reinsurance?

Quota share reinsurance is a form of reinsurance in which the ceding insurer cedes an agreed-on percentage of every risk it insures that falls within a class or classes of business subject to a reinsurance treaty.

Do I have to use your administrative services?

No, administrative services are not required to obtain a contract with our reinsurer(s).   We offer administrative services capabilities on an ala carte basis and can help provide technology, efficiency, and new products…but these services are not required as a condition of purchasing reinsurance.

About Mutual Underwriters

Mutual Underwriters is an insurance administrative services and managing general agency headquartered in Carmel, Indiana.  The company mission is to provide management expertise, product development, underwriting expertise, and strategic advice to small insurance companies, Mid-size insurance carriers, MGAs, and Program administrators.  Our objective is to help these organizations modernize and thrive.


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