Supportive Capacity

Mutual Underwriters Provides Tailored Reinsurance Solutions to Support our Partners in the Mutual Community. 

Mutual Underwriter provides “Supportive Capacity” to help your insurance company grow. We offer reinsurance options to protect your balance sheet and allow for expansion and growth.   

Beyond reinsurance, we provide consultative support to help improve operations and results.  We work collaboratively with our client partners to identify and manage risks to the organization and to find opportunities for growth and expansion. 

Our leadership is made up of former mutual insurance company managers.   We understand the mutual community and have great affinity for mutuals and great appreciation for the role mutuals play in the local communities. We are proud to be partners to the mutual community. 

Why Choose Mutual Underwriters?

On the Path to Our Mutual Success

Mutual Underwriters has extensive executive experience in both the mutual and alternative risk communities.  We bring our knowledge, market relationships, and technology know how to the table to assist your mutual. We are here to help others expand their businesses with our guidance and support.